blacktionbronson replied to your post “when I was 18 I made sooooo many videos lol I make none now and I have…”

Do what you gotta do to get back right

You’re right oomf is about to teach me how to block sites etc now

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really gotta stop drinking really gotta stay of the internet…really bye lol

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Me too.

♕The❧ World ❧Of ❧ Pure ❧Opulence♕

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lol I gotta buy my grandad some summer clothes but what do old men wear? I’m thinking a lotta Hawaiian shirts…I like Hawaiian shirts lol my grandad like button ups anyways cus he like to have his chest out lmfaooo he so fucking country.

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My burfday on the 28th b


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I literally have 3 decent ass animators willing to do in betweens for me and my projects and I’m just steady overwhelming myself and bitching lol I don’t make no sense. I GOTTA FIND CHILL

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When u figured it out let me know I feel the same maybe just put in so much work that it get fun

you know what…that shit is always fun to me its the only time I feel release but its like its so much pressure now…..but I feel you too. Its one of those things where you gotta sit with yourself and talk to yourself and get back in your old ways. Idk I gotta figure myself out….but I’ll let you know once I do and you let me know too man

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mom i need u to leave

bootaywaweya replied to your post “when I was 18 I made sooooo many videos lol I make none now and I have…”

Love if you ever need someone to talk to my inbox is always open. I know the feeling. I’m here. :)

thank you very much thats nice of you man. But I’m goo gotta figure stuff out for myself you know?

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maybe I gotta delete or just stay off the internet for a while

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